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Why J&F Construction?

J&F Construction has been serving the local communities in North-Central Ohio since 1977. Our dedication to our work has always been focused on providing the best quality and performance for our customers.


J&F Construction and Development was started in 1977 as a residential and agricultural builder. We excelled quite successfully in the agricultural markets for several years and in the early 1980s shifted our emphasis toward the commercial construction industry. The company has seen its revenue grow from thousands of dollars in 1977 to over ten million in annual volume.


Jim Mayes, President and CEO, states that since our company’s conception in 1977, we have constantly strived to earn the trust of our clients and continued to build a reputation as a quality builder in our market sector. We are committed to providing clients with proven construction expertise, utilizing a team approach, exceeding the clients needs and objectives, and giving each project the personal and special attention it deserves. This contributes to the high percentage of repeat business. Approximately 70% of all revenues are generated through repeat customers on a negotiated basis.


In addition to repeat work, J&F Construction has been establishing a broad market base. Our expertise includes industrial and warehouse facilities, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, retail facilities, medical facilities, educational facilities, churches, and specialty buildings. We are also very active in commercial and industrial renovation and continue to grow in the build-to-suit/lease market.


Jim shares, “Our company is striving to always provide an environment where our customers’ expectations are exceeded by focusing on their needs and providing excellent value resulting in long-term relationships and continued customer loyalty.” He says, “We would not have arrived at offering this quality of service to our clients without our excellent team members. We are constantly working at creating an environment for support and continued professional growth and employment where honesty, integrity, and hard work is the standard. This support and team effort by our associates and staff has been the key to our tremendous success in maintaining our customer relationships and loyalty.”